Merchandise is printed through a print on demand service. Most inventory & delivery is handled by the manufacturer unless stated otherwise. Please contact me at least 24 hours before if you’ve made a mistake with your order. 

Contact designsbymarisa.contact@gmail.com if you have any issues or questions.

**Covid-19 Delays: There are still possible delays in delivery of orders due to the pandemic. If for any reason your order does not reach you please email me.

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS ORDERING OUTSIDE OF USA: Expect a shipping and delivery timeline of up to 2-4 weeks. This is due to your package shipping from the printing facility from another country and going through customs as well as office of exchange. Please be PATIENT. Designs by Marisa does NOT ship orders from the print on demand manufacturers. The manufacturers do. Designs by Marisa will state in production description if they are handling shipping themselves. 

Common questions: 

**Updated FAQ’s

How long until I receive the items I ordered?

- Apparel/bags typically get shipped out within 1-3 weeks unless stated otherwise. This all depends on the manufacturer, and the amount of items in order, some orders get fulfilled quicker than others. Not every product is sourced from the same manufacturer. Designs by marisa will state in a product description if they are fulfilling orders for specific products. Then your items proceed into transit. Delivery times will vary due to where order is shipping to. Delays will be announced if production is confronted with issues in the supply chain due to Covid-19.

My order is being shipped internationally from the manufacturer what should I look out for?

- Designs by Marisa will state in the product description if certain items are being fulfilled abroad and not in the United States. Therefore, international printing facilities will use different carriers. Sometimes you have to go through different prompts to copy and paste your tracking number to view the status of your order. International orders can take up to 2 weeks until it gets delivered to you. Please be PATIENT with your orders. Your order is in good hands, and it is on it's way to you! It just takes longer than it would if your order was shipping to you from a carrier in your own country. Always remember to READ the product description because it tells you important information about the merchandise and when to expect your order to ship.

How do I take care of the printed design on apparel?

- Wash clothing inside out in cold/lukewarm water. You can air dry or put the clothing in the drier inside out.

I haven’t received my refund, what do I do?

- Please contact me immediately to address the issue. Shopify recently updated their policy on their refunds based on a refund issue they had. I’ll take matters in my own hands to make sure you get your money back! 

When is it too late to request a refund?

- Refunds are only applicable if your order got lost/damaged during shipping and handling or if you received a different item than the one you ordered. Also, I send orders to production after of receiving it within a few days. After that, it is not guaranteed that the manufacturer will be able to cancel the order. Therefore, you will still receive the item you ordered and it won't be possible to refund because the item is in production. 

I didn't receive my order what do I do?

I personally am not responsible for any delivery issues. It is in the hands on the manufacturer and delivery personal (FedEx, UPS, etc.) , they handle all inventory and send apparel directly to you from their warehouse. Please contact me if you run into this issue immediately. 

I received the wrong item/my package got lost, what should I do?

- Please email me at designsbymarisa.contact@gmail.com so I can proceed to issue a refund or put in another order for you free of charge. I WILL get your order to you no matter what!

The item I order was damaged during shipping & handling, what do I do?

- Please email me at designsbymarisa.contact@gmail.com therefore, I can ship your order out again free of charge or you can request a refund. Let me know as soon as possible!